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Although the Upper Wharfedale Venturer 72B service between Buckden, Grassington and Hebden was suspended during the first lock-down, the service started running again on Monday 6th July 2020.

The service is running the same timetable and the same route as previously, but there have been some significant changes to the nature and operation of the service; these are so that we can  protect our passengers and drivers by complying with the government’s “Covid19 Secure” guidelines for safe transport operation in the current circumstances.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Covid symptom-free: Passengers with any Covid19 symptoms are not permitted to travel

  • Face coverings: In the light of the current high levels of Covid infection across the country, passengers will be required to continue to wear a mask when travelling on the 72B Venturer on or after Monday 19th July. This decision has been taken to protect our passengers and staff by mitigating as far as possible the risks identified in our updated risk management plan. It is also in line with the advice from the Transport Secretary that wearing masks on public transport is what the government “wanted and expected to happen”. This forms part of the "Conditions of Carriage" of Upper Wharfedale Bus C.I.C

  • Social distancing: The number of seats on the bus has been reduced to twelve (12). This is to allow for the maximum social distance which can be reasonably provided on a bus of this type. Please only use the additional seats if either a) the person in the adjacent seat is from your household or support bubble, or b) there are no other individual seats available. When boarding and alighting from the bus please respect social distancing guidelines.

  • Driver screen: There is a plastic “cough-guard” screen between the driver’s cab and the passenger saloon.

  • Sanitiser: Sanitiser is provided on the bus. Please use it when boarding and alighting.

  • Cashless operation:  To minimise the risk of infection we have moved to cashless operation. If you have a bus pass, please show it to the driver (the bus pass card reader is on the wrong side of the screen and cannot be moved). If you pay to travel, please pay with a contactless card. If you do not have a card, you may still pay with cash by putting it in the cash box – but no change can be given. Donations are still very welcome – thank-you.

  • Improved airflow: To improve airflow, the window vents at the rear will always be open, and there will be no recirculation of air in the passenger saloon.

  • New cleaning regime: A new cleaning regime has been developed with a full clean of the vehicle at the end of each day, using viricidal products. 

We are very grateful to Mary, Mike, Bev and Gary at NYCC, and to Alex and Vitto at Transdev (Blazefield) for their help and advice in implementing the above measures. We would also very much like to thank Rob at Dalegarth Fine Furniture for his work helping us to prepare the bus.

It has been great to welcome so many of our our passengers back to the Venturer  and we very much appreciate your cooperation with these measures. We do hope you feel able to travel with us soon.


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