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From Peter Breen                                                                                                                            19/09/2020   

Dear Sir,

I know that I speak for many people in our community and for my fellow Councillors in saying that Garry Schofield’s decision to resign from the Parish Council represents a great loss.

Garry has been a member of the PC for over twenty years and was already in place as its Chairman when I first joined in 2008.  Under his stewardship the community has changed, developed and grown in many ways and Garry has played a full part in shaping it, an achievement of which I believe he should be immensely proud.

I have found it very easy to be a PC member under his chairmanship principally because I have been able to trust his judgement without reserve.  His knowledge of so many aspects of the community and of Dales life and his ability to navigate a calm path through sometimes difficult circumstances will not easily be replaced.

Garry has served Buckden long and well and it only remains for me to express my sincere thanks to him on behalf of the community and to wish him well in the future.

Yours faithfully

Peter Breen


From Terry Newman                                                                                                                              30/07/17

Dear Sir,

Apart from myself there will be others who were very angry about the ear-blistering noise emanating from the grounds of Buckden House for about 6 hours on Saturday, 30th July.  For the record: ‘Heads of Agreement’ were signed off in 2008 with Education Bradford which were not followed on that day.  The first of these declared that “No ‘party’ type booking would be accepted in future”. The second stated “The Centre was to be operated as an educational facility”.  These should preclude events such as those on Saturday.  I suggest Mr Taylor read the recommendations approved earlier by Education Bradford.

Yours Sincerely,

Terry Newman      


From Peter Breen                                                                                                                              05/11/16

Dear Sir,

Whilst I find your decision not to formally celebrate ten years of the Buckden Website wholly understandable, I feel sure that many in the community will want to offer their sincere thanks to you for creating, maintaining, and developing this service over a sustained period.  The Parish Council, in particular, finds it immensely helpful in communicating with residents and, on a personal note, I use buckden.org as my homepage in order to keep abreast of local events.  It is now a part of the weft and warp of life in Buckden and the fact that you undertake this work without payment or tangible reward serves as a tribute to your commitment to our community.  In addition to this characteristic generosity on your part, the postings are always sensitive to the subject matter and, wherever appropriate, humorous and interesting.  Saving your blushes, I hope you will post this message in the letters section as a permanent record of the gratitude of the residents of Buckden.

Yours sincerely

Peter Breen

Buckden PC


From Lynne Farquhar                                                                                                                         22/09/14

Dear Sir/madam

I have just returned from a very enjoyable walking holiday, based in Wharfedale at Starbotton.  We walked to Buckden along the River Wharfe and picked up your leaflet 'A warm welcome to the Parish of Buckden' by the bridge as we entered the village.  I would just like to tell you how welcoming and informative the leaflet was to a first time visitor.  What a lovely idea and top marks to the Parish Council for creating the leaflet. We are looking to relocate permanently to the Dales in the near future (returning from the south of England to our home county) and are seriously considering living in Buckden as it has a good community spirit. (not to mention a fabulous pub!)

Well done for making a new visitor feel welcome.

Lynne Farquhar and family.


From Karen Jones                                                                                                                                22/07/14

Dear Buckden Village

We have recently spent another wonderful holiday in Buckden including the 'Le Grand Depart' weekend and may we say a massive "thank you' to everyone involved? The village looked splendid with all the yellow bunting everywhere and 'Tour de France" themed decorations on many of the properties; The Buck Inn was stunning with the glorious yellow flowers. You should be so proud of all your efforts and there was a wonderful atmosphere on the day itself. The bacon sandwiches and tea at The Schoolroom were par excellence and it was an amazing day.

Friends staying with us, who were visiting Buckden for the first time, were so impressed by the friendly atmosphere in he village and we  wholeheartedly agree. There is always the warmest of welcomes and it is such a special place for us.

At the end of our holiday we attended the excellent concert by the Buckden singers 'Lest we forget' commemorating the  beginning of World War I and 'A Celebration of Life'. It was a really enjoyable evening, with well chosen words, music and beautiful singing . This was in the stunning setting of Hubberholme Church on a gorgeous warm, summer evening! To conclude a memorable holiday, my Dad, aged 98,  who was born during the First World War, was mentioned by David Lusted at the end of the concert. This was really touching and very much appreciated.

Thank you all for being such a warm, welcoming and friendly community

Best wishes to you all,

Karen & .... aged 98, The Original... Tom Jones


From Christine Southall                                                                                                                          11/07/14

"Dear Residents of Buckden,

I would like to thank you  all for your wonderful response to the Tour de Yorkshire. We came up with neighbours and friends  and stayed at Heber Farm on the site run magnificently by Mr and Mrs Schofield and their helpers. Every minute in Buckden was an absolute joy - the organisation and infrastructure was superb, the atmosphere  welcoming and electric. You all live in such a beautiful place - we enjoyed walks along the river, admiring the pyramid orchids and curlews and the joys of Buckden Pike in Friday's rain.

We appreciate that putting on such an event required great optimism and belief that it would be worthwhile as well as a huge amount of coordinated effort to get everything into place. At times it must all have seemed too much. The peleton went by in a flash, but our warm feelings for Upper Wharfedale and for the folk of Buckden will be with us for ever. I do hope you all feel that the work and disruption was worth it. I am sure that The Yorkshire Dales will have an enormous boost to its tourism for years to come. We shall definitely be back with our camper van. Congratulations to everyone who  kept on giving to this event.

Gratefully yours.

Christine Southall and Christopher Bradley



PS the photos on the website are brilliant!



From Gwen Berry                                                                                                                                       16/06/13

Dear Sir,

May I be the first to congratulate all those involved in creating such a wonderful event.

What a wonderful sight greeted me as I reached the end of our lane. Bunting, Marquees, Tents, Stalls, People, Farmers, Sheep, Dogs, Runners and everyone looking so happy and occupied. Even the sun came out a little and most importantly no rain fell. My wheels did not permit safe entry to the field but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the fell runners, the difficulties of up and the dangers of down. The shouts of spectators many of whom were supporting the various groups of runners added to my enjoyment.

My mind goes back to 16 years ago when the Gala was under threat of closure due to a shortage of able bodied volunteers.  Tim and I have always felt Buckden is a special place, What a joy it is to be part of such a wonderful community.

Congratulations to all




From Debbie Roe                                                                                                                                         21/06/12

Buckden Gala

I would like to thank everyone who supported Buckden Gala in any way, shape or form last weekend.  Everyone puts in a massive effort to raise money for the village hall, and despite the awful weather and poor turnout we would appear to have still made a substantial profit (final figure yet to be confirmed, but Gordon indicated at the photograph that it was in the region of £2200).

So  please accept my thanks, on behalf of the village hall committee, for all of the effort that you put in personally – either in setting up, preparing food, running a stall, clearing up afterwards, donating raffle prizes, books, plants, bric-a-brac or cakes or just spending your money on the day!

The Gala is a great example of the community spirit that exists in this village and despite the rain it still managed to be a joyous (if exhausting) occasion.  So thank you again for every contribution.

Kind regards



From David & Susan Lusted                                                                                                                        26/03/12

Six Dales Trail has begun

Nine happy, hearty souls – plus two enthusiastic dogs – set out on Sunday from the Jubilee Town Clock, Otley, on the start of the Six Dales Trail from Otley to Middleham.

My, but we were blessed with the most perfect weather conditions for walking – and picnicking!  Oh, and coffee–breaking as well.

We were following a trail devised by a small team from the Otley ‘Walkers Are Welcome’ group – which included members of the Rambler’s Association and the Long Distance Walkers Association.  Semi-professional walkers who would, no doubt, question our numerous breaks and ambling (rather than rambling) pace.  But that is the Buckden Way – we stop when a bird flies or struts by, such as the fabulous low level aerial display of a pair of Red Kites or the visit of a Reeves Pheasant during our lunch stop.  See how useful these stops are?

 We walked out of Wharfedale and into Washburn Dale, stopping within sight of Swinsty Reservoir.  All who walked were full of praise for the route, describing it as ‘undulating’ or having ‘easy inclines’ – future, cautious, walkers take note!    The next section continues along Fewston Reservoir, then via Blubberhouses to end at a water tower and a nearby pub at Stonehouses – and is exactly the same distance as Section 1 (6.3 miles).  Do join us if you can.

Happy ambling.

David and Sue


From David & Susan Lusted                                                                                                                        18/03/12

"Happy Birthday"

We’ve just returned home after escorting Nora and Jack to the 5th Birthday Anniversary Concert of Buckden Singers in the Buckden Village Hall.

Nora summed things up so aptly – “Aren’t we lucky”.   They’ll both be 90 this year but we could see the years drop away – especially with the ‘community singalong’!

Sue and I were equally lucky to see the London production of Les Misérables quite recently and can say with conviction that the vocal power and passion shown this evening by the Buckden Singers left us both feeling every bit as moved yet again.

We were so glad that a member of the audience spoke up with gratitude for all the work put in by Anne, John, Peter and everyone to provide such a fantastic  performance.  Over the past five years their efforts have meant that we have been rewarded, time and again.  We felt it to be a privilege to be so entertained and look forward to the future.

Thank you, thank you.

David & Sue


From Phil Topps                                                                                                                           06/11/11

Hi Peter,

Apologies that it's taken me so long to drop you an e-mail. Apart from a short holiday I've been covering our chef and I literally have had no time to myself!
I'd just like to thank you and to ask you to pass on my thanks to everyone for their support over the short time we had at the Buck. And also for everyone's kind words on the Wednesday evening that we left. Of course we had hoped that a different outcome would have occurred but we still stand by our never say never attitude and hope that, one day in the future we may return to the Buck in some form.
We all wish each and everyone of you the very best for the future and a very merry Christmas and happy and healthy 2012. We are definitely planning a trip up to see you all very soon.

Very warm wishes,
Phil Topps.


From David Lusted                                                                                                                    31/10/11

‘End of a pub crawl’

24 hardy souls + 4 dogs triumphed over the final 10 mile stage from Kilnsey, via Arncliffe, Litton and over Birks Fell to Buckden.  Thus ended our version of The Inn Way.  76 miles in 8 Stages, which attracted a high number of walkers and a record number of those completing all Stages.  All participants survived!

A very special word of appreciation must be placed on record both to the National Trust, for their generous and continuing support in providing a minibus and – especially – to ‘Our Richard’ for driving the bus, for the second year running.

Quite apart from his time driving, a wider ‘thank you’ should go to all members of Clan Humpidge – to include Leanda, Scarlet, Rowan and Aidan – for their constant, cheerful and energetic support of Buckden Walkers over the years.  We wish them every personal success and happiness in their new lives north of the border – and hope that they might tramp the trails of the Dales with us, when occasions allow, in the future.

Additional sincere appreciation is placed here to all who gave their time and energy in leading us on their chosen paths in the programme of Monday walks and the popular Wednesday Evening Strolls.

A new framework of dates will become available shortly for 2012.  Your suggestions for ‘themes’ or individual walks will be gratefully received.  It has already been noted from your comments – and will be acknowledged practically – that 10+ mile sections are a few steps too far and so this will be reflected in the choice of walks next season.  Perhaps ‘bonus’ dates/walks might be included to meet the needs of those with hardier appetites; we’ll see what demand brings.

Details of further walks in Winter 2011/2012 will follow; we hope to include ones for the coming Boxing Day and New Year’s Day mornings.



From David Hird                                                                                                                    05/10/11

I am so pleased to have seen the pictures of the 2011 Gala day, and to recognise all the faces I knew from days gone by!

David Pearson (near neighbour from Deepdale), Jimmy Sayer, Willie Bowdin, Charlie and Lynn Thornborrow, and many others from my memories in the 1980s.

Best wishes to all.


Ex- West Deepdale

      White Lion Inn

      Vice Chairman, Buckden Parish Council

Now- Lighthouse Keeper, Cape Wrath, Sutherland


From David Alderson                                                                                                            30/09/11

I am hoping someone in your community may be able to help me.
I am researching my family history and I have a marriage certificate for the 4th of August 1923 for James Alfred Tennant and Emma Metcalfe.
They married at the Register Office in Skipton.
James Alfred is down as living at Eagle Bank Farm, Oughtershaw and his father's name was Thomas Tennant is is shown as a farmer.
Emma Metcalfe is 19 and a spinster, not working, and her address is more difficult to read. It seems to show her living at 'Cassion Houses', Buckden, Skipton.
From the marriage certificate it seems that she had a sister called Daisy Metcalfe.
Her father name seems to be William Metcalfe, deceased. His occupation is shown as a coal miner.
My questions are many!!!
Is the farm name correct and have you any idea if there are records available to try to trace Thomas Tennant at the farm?
Would you have any idea whether there was an address such as Cassion Houses or could you shed any light on what the address was?
Were there any mines around the area where William Metcalfe may have worked before his death?
Any help would be much appreciated - please email dpalders@hotmail.com

David Alderson


From Kevin & Debbie Roe                                                                                                                        18/08/11

Dear Editor

It was with great sadness that we read the letter from Phil Topps announcing his, and Geoff and Barry’s, planned departure from the Buck Inn this weekend.  Are we to put up with another twelve months of a dilapidated building and falling-down walls in our beautiful village?

Phil and Geoff showed all the signs of great intentions to turn the pub around, and it was a great pleasure to pop in on a Friday night or after a choir rehearsal to enjoy a drink or two.  All the effort that they have put in over the last few weeks has been wasted - what do they and this village have to do to get Criterion to take this pub seriously?

The longer they continue to neglect the fabric of this hostelry, the more impossible it will be to recover.

Yours with disappointment

Debbie and Kevin Roe

For more letters about the Save the Buck Inn campaign, click here


From John Blealkey                                                                                                                                18/08/11

Very sad news indeed, I came along the weekend of the opening.

That said the Buck Inn requires considerale investment if it is to be returned to its former glories.

Lets hope Centurion sell up as there is so much potential.



J D Bleakley


From Lynn & Bob Aubery                                                                                                                        03/08/11

We would like to add our best wishes to the new Landlords of the Buck Inn as having viewed the Buck after closure we are only too well aware of the huge amount of work that was required to get this once lovely hostelry up and running again. 

As the Landlords of the Kings Head Kettlewell another of the Inn Way Pubs it will be of great benefit to the walkers and tourists to have the great "Refreshment" gap filled caused by the closure of the Buck. We are sure that the Buckden Residents will be pleased to have a true local again.

Once again we wish Phil, Geoff and Barry every success and plan to visit and pass this message on personally.


Lynn and Bob Aubery 

The Kings Head Kettlewell 


From Paul Widdowson                                                                                                                             29/07/11

Hello from Park View where we are still busy emptying boxes! And thanks for the friendly welcome we have received from many people.  We're looking forward to getting settled in and meeting more, especially anyone who likes playing on swings! We love the village already.  Great news the Buck is opening tonight!


Best wishes to all,

Paul, Paula, Evie and Dolores Widdowson (and Charlie the dog).


From Vivienne Carter                                                                                                                                17/07/11

Dear Sirs

May I take the liberty of using your page to wish all the best to the three guys taking on the mammoth task of turning The Buck around. I'm sure it will take a lot of work for a long time but sincerely hope they make a 'go' of it. It will be a great pleasure to see it open again amid many fears it had gone for good and look forward to a lovely meal there once again.

Good luck fella's and looking forward to meeting you.

Mark and Viv,

Low Greenfield.


From Mark & Sara Barraclough                                                                                                                  12/05/11

Dear all,
We are moving into Chestnut Cottage on the 29th May 2011.  Both Mark and I would like to thank all the residents and guests for their patience and kindness during the renovation project.  We appreciate at times it was not easy.  Hopefully, you like what we have done to the property as much as we do.  Shortly our energy will be focused on the garden and any ideas and advice will be greatly appreciated.  I personally would like to suggest a garden party, but not sure if I have sufficient spades.
Samuel and Josephine are counting the days down and are so excited about the move.  
Any time I am spotted, please pop in and have a look around.  
Once again, thank you.
Mark, Sara, Samuel, Josephine and Pippa.


From Mr Peter Breen                                                                                                                                    01/04/11

Dear Sir

I am utterly delighted by Anne Vetch’s choice of Striggio for the latter half of the forthcoming Buckden Singers’ concert and I wish her and the choir every success with this challenging piece.  How easy it would have been to fall into the obvious trap of choosing Ferrabosco or, heaven forbid, Cambio, or any of those others whose work, whilst charming is, I’m sure you’ll agree, unlikely to outlast the current fad.  How splendid to contemplate a spring evening walk by the Village Green with the strains of Group 5 led by Wilf’s quavering countertenor lingering on the breeze.   I feel privileged to live in a village where the Big Society operates as a matter of course.

Yours musitastically

Peter Breen

Rose Cottage



From Mr Paul Chattwood                                                                                                                                 27/03/11


As you may know, there will be major changes to bus services on Sundays and Bank Holidays throughout North Yorkshire from mid-April 2011, as a result of North Yorkshire County Council’s decision to withdraw funding for these services.

However, I'm pleased to advise that services in Upper Wharfedale will not be affected at this stage, as the Dales & Bowland Community Interest Company has managed to secure funding (on a one-off basis) for their operation in Summer 2011. Timetable details are attached for your reference, and are also available online at www.dalesbus.org.

Please note that a Sunday service will operate on Good Friday and Royal Wedding Friday, as well as on Bank Holiday Mondays.

Summer DalesBus timetable booklets will be available from mid April.

We are intending, as part of the newly formed Dales Integrated Transport Alliance (www.dalesconnect.net), to progress an application to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund to restructure the provision of public transport in the Dales to provide an ongoing service in future years.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks,


Paul Chattwood
Dales & Bowland Community Interest Company



From Mr David Lusted                                                                                                       22/03/11

The Inn Way – Stage One: Buckden to Bainbridge

 “… And did those feet walk upon Yorkshire’s green and pleasant land?”     You betcha!  50 of them, plus 12 paws!  A great start to what we hope will be a very happy circuit of Dales inns. 

Amazingly 13 set out from (in front of) The Buck Inn, swelled by four opposite The White Lion, three more joined shortly after – then three more at Stake Road.  By Semer Water two more joined and so twenty-five happy wanderers descended upon the Rose and Crown at Bainbridge. The weather was a little cool, rather breezy - very bracing in fact – and low cloud at times made for restricted views, but after the rainbow (!) and when the sun came out the views were stunning.  Bev conjured up a dilapidated but welcome café for our coffee stop and the picnic site offered a wonderful view of Stalling Busk old church and Semer Water. 

“ … Was there a man dismayed?”  Not though the marchers knew, but we clocked up 10.1 miles – courtesy of Robins’ thingummy gadget – instead of the measly 9 as originally promised. Click here to see the pictures from the walk.

Stage Two, on Sunday 17th April, will take us from Bainbridge, via Worton and Askrigg to Gunnerside – a distance of 9.5 miles, according to the book. 

Do join us and enjoy the day.  See www.buckden.org for details of this and other walks. 



From Ms Judi Aylett                                                                                                        06/02/11

We have stayed in Buckden many times indeed our first visits were spent at Hartrigg House before it became an – er place of leisure shall we say. Hartrigg was run by Paul and Mary Quantin  who eventually sold up and moved opposite into a bungalow before going back to Norfolk.

We have also stayed in many other  areas locally Cray, Kettlewell, Aysgarth, Reeth  and many more but we are always drawn back to Buckden and our very favourite walk from the car park over to Cray behind the White Lion and to Yockenthwaite. We just love this small area so much – getting goose bumps typing this.

We live just outside London so tend to come up for 3 or 4 days and although The Buck was not particularly nice once in the bedrooms we stayed there for the view etc. How sad it went downhill over the last 2 year - time was when you couldn’t get a table in the evening without queuing for an age – they used to do lovely cream teas in the Summer.

We are visiting again at Easter and staying in a local B&B so we do hope that for the sake of the community and their visitors it opens again soon and is shown the love it deserves.  We want to stay there again !!  



From Mr Julian Hide                                                                                                        01/02/11

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to read that the Buck will hopefully be re-opening soon, I was saddened to see that it had closed down last year.  If I had £10 for every pint I’ve supped there in the last 45 years……………….!

In my early 20s I worked for Barclays and was privileged to run the sub-branches at Grassington, Kettlewell and, each Tuesday morning, Buckden.  We used the village hall and in winter Ernie Whitehouse from West Winds would ensure there was a fire lit, and during the morning would come across with a tray of coffee that, on the coldest mornings, was laced with rum.  Over 3 years I came to know and respect many of the residents at the head of the dale and my then girl friend and I started coming up to the Buck each Saturday night.  Being a bit of a pianist, I soon got to know Jack and Peter Beresford, Joe Slater and Norman “Banjo Willie”, and many were the nights when at closing time (ha ha) the door was locked, furniture and carpet removed and the dancing started.  Mushy Peas and the Huntsman’s Chorus were, I think, two of many and I’m sure that somewhere I still have a copy of the music for “6 Dances of the Yorkshire Dales”.  The owners then were Peter and Barbara Burton who had taken over from the Peckfields a year or so previously,  Peter’s military upbringing being very evident in the Military Twostep!

Consumption of William Younger’s produce occasionally enforced an overnight with Joe & Flo at Hartrigg and later in their new bungalow at Pike Foot.  I have fond memories of one particular occasion when Joe had been asked by the driver of the milk tanker to provide a band for his daughter’s wedding celebrations in Harmby near Leyburn.  Along with the jeweller from Hawes (I forget his name) on accordion, Joe on drums and me on piano we had a rare old night in the village hall and were invited back to the bride’s father’s house where he had “a few bottles”.  For bottles read crates!  Dawn was breaking as we came over Kidstones and seeing a light at the White Lion, Joe wondered if Major was still serving.  He was – just to the one customer, John Huck who I was sad to see passed away recently.  It was 6.00am when we eventually fell into bed at Hartrigg, but were back in the Buck at opening time after one of Flo’s legendary breakfasts!  Happy memories.

Julian Hide



From Mr Gareth Mutimer                                                                                                   29/12/10

Dear Sirs

I don’t know whether you could help me but following a recent stay in Buckden over the Christmas period, I would like to congratulate and say a massive thank you to the Carol Singers on Christmas Eve who stopped outside. It was magical to see and hear and really made our Christmas complete along with the snow on Christmas Day!!!

So please would you kindly pass on our thanks to all concerned and I hope we can return to this wonderful village again soon.

Happy New Year to you all,


Gareth Mutimer


From Mr David Lusted                                                                                                   20/12/10

Dear Buckden Singers

A postscript to the 18th December

I believe we are truly blessed that such a dedicated group give so much to this village.  It IS the start of Christmas, at least for Sue and I, when your Concert comes to Buckden.  The programme balance is perfect; ‘Christmas’ has become so commercialised that it is a breath of fresh air to get back to the true focal point of the Season.  The ‘good will to all’ is tangible and I think you are the epitome of our Community Spirit.  The faces of the choir are also those found supporting our Art, Whist, Walking, Quiz, Flower Festival and other local activities throughout the year – and especially the current ‘Save Kettlewell School’ campaign.  Maybe I should have asked for ‘Fight the good fight’ to be included in your repertoire. Possibly ‘Keep right on to the end of the road’ as well!

I hope and trust that you felt the affection and appreciation of us all in the audience.  Those unable to attend missed a treat!

Please don’t look towards this annual tradition as something of a treadmill – it was and always will be a time when the community comes together in the most positive way.  I know that you are the Givers and we, the audience, are the Takers, but I hope we play our part in sharing and valuing the spirit of Christmas by supporting your efforts.

Thank you



From Mr Chris Leach                                                                                                   21/09/10

Dear All,

My family and I have been regular visitors to the village of Buckden for over 20 years and have stayed both at Dalegarth and recently in the Buck.  It has been very sad that over the last few years the atmosphere in the pub has let the stay down, although the management tried it was never what it use to be and it was clear that something was wrong.  

This said, it won’t be the same holiday this autumn without the ability to stroll down to the Buck for a pint or two of “Black Sheep”. I’ve recently read your village letter page and I remember Chalky Whyte from the pub many years back. An impromptu quiz night that rewarded a correct answer with a conker was among the highlights!!

He has a very valid point that if the pub closes for a long time and eventually is boarded up or turn into homes, many visitors to your fantastic village may consider other locations for their breaks despite the wonderful setting.

We will be staying within the village soon and hope to find a positive outcome to the Buck Inn, and I’m optimistic you as a village can turn this situation into a favourable outcome and make the Pub once more the heart of the community as it was.  It would be a shame to loose this fantastic facility for long.

Chris Leach

 A friend of the Village


From Peter & Jeanne Breen                                                                                            10/09/10

Dear Sir

Chalky Whyte has done the village a service by raising the issue of the Buck Inn's future.  When we arrived in Buckden just six years ago, the pub was the focal point of the village, a good place to eat and drink, and a widely respected business.  We know that many people in the village and in the wider community share Chalky's concerns and we therefore propose that an open public meeting be held at which any possible courses of action can be evaluated.


Peter and Jeanne Breen


From Mr. Chalky Whyte JP                                                                                            07/09/10

Dear Sir,

Congratulations to Criterion Asset Management for their great achievement.

Two World Wars and Foot and Mouth Disease failed to close the doors of this well known Dales Hostelry  - but this conglomerate of international standing(?) has managed to do the job.

Seems to me a contradiction of  the term "Asset Management" as they don’t seem to be doing what it says on the tin.

This once-proud 18th Century Coaching Inn now lies dormant.

It saddens me every time I drive past OUR  Village Inn to see the empty seats , the empty car park , the empty bedrooms , the empty bar.

What about the long term implications of a closed Buck Inn.?

How long before it is boarded up just like the 50 odd pubs per week being closed all around the country. Then What?

It falls into disrepair that no one wants to pay to restore to its glory?

It becomes an eyesore on OUR landscape?

It becomes derelict?

It gets demolished?

All hypothetical Statements…BUT Are they…………..?

It could easily happen.

As a Village Resident and who knows The Buck Inn Inside Out I would like to know how the villagers feel  about what is happening to OUR Village Inn and if they have seriously thought about the long term complications of a village without a pub.

Your Thoughts are Welcomed


Chalky Whyte JP



From Mr Vince Chancellor

Dear Sir,


In response to public demand the Environmental Sciences Department at Oughtershaw University is pleased to announce that it is soon to offer a degree course in Blue Bin Technology following the appointment of Professor Ernest Green to the new Chair of Bins. Much of Prof. Green’s previous academic life has been devoted to the field of ornithology, where happily the behaviour of the magpie has inspired him to consider how the discerning collector of rubbish can most artistically display or dispose of choice items.

From the many approaches that we have received it is evident that confusion abounds as to how to cope with the radical modernisation taking place in the world of wheelie bins. Among the many questions that vex our correspondents are such as:

  • Is this a joke?
  • How on earth am I expected to decipher the advice on plastic bottle logos as shown in the Craven DC pamphlet?
  • I am still searching for a plastic bottle that bears a logo similar to those shown in the pamphlet. Most show a football with contra-rotationary arrows on it. Was this just an early attempt at a logo for the England World Cup bid that has been hijacked by environmentalists but really just encourages us to ‘lump it anywhere’?
  • Should I forcibly separate metal screw tops from glass bottles before they cohabit in the blue bin?
  • I am colour blind. What blue bin?

Unsurprisingly many requests for this new course come from the village of Buckden. Accordingly we hope to introduce a distance-learning course. We are currently exploring the possibility of conducting classes in the Great Hall of the Tractor Museum in Lower Buckden. Negotiations are ongoing with the curator of the museum and we remain hopeful of his cooperation for a modest consideration rather than the outrageous fee he is currently demanding.

Yours sincerely,

Vince Chancellor


From: The Pope Family                                                                                                          06/01/10

Dear Judicious Judiciary,

Please excuse our delayed response to your judgement.

It has taken us fourteen boxes of tissues, numerous re-applications of mascara and a quick look at Ted's "1949
Massey Ferguson for Men" calendar to overcome the strength of emotion contained within the sturdy walls of

Our collective feeling of being completely under-whelmed has meant that the financial advances of Sky News,
Blackpool Illuminations, Hello Magazine and the latest "Lads Mag" MFM (Massey Ferguson Monthly), have all had to
wait until we could compose ourselves and go to print on the pages of www.buckden.org

Never within our wildest dreams could we have thought that our first attempt at the Christmas Lights Competition
would have resulted in the coveted banner being strapped to our gate. We will never forget that early December
Sunday drive past of all the adjudicators in their packed and gleaming Silver Honda. Those locally
traditional words of encouragement, bellowed in a Lancastrian accent from the rear seats, "Go on lad, cross my
palm with silver", were well chosen and will stay with us forever.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Briggs, Schofield, Thornborrow, Falshaw, Huck and
Akrigg households for their support of our competition attempt. Enduring such a dramatically reduced electricity
supply in these climatically and festively challenging times, must have been very difficult. Apparently, raw turkey is
not too dissimilar to Sushi and the after effects of eating such a delicacy, coupled with Hypothermia, last for a mere
five days.

The hoards of Wallace Arnold sightseers often pose the question "Do we know the meaning of the words, Insider
Dealing" but alas, we are not card players and have unstintingly pointed them in the direction of the Township
Hall, explaining that this is where the Whist Drives are held.

Thank you and well done to all our fellow entrants, the obvious and keen competition has spurred us into
preparations for Christmas 2010. Do you think that a multicoloured laser writing the phrase "Merry Christmas and
Welcome to Buckden" on the slopes of Birks Fell would qualify under the category of Understated Elegance?

The Pope Family


From: Mr Terry Newman                                                                                               25/11/09

Dear Sir,

May I be allowed through this channel to express appreciation for the work quietly performed by Gordon Kilvington and Bev Owen in periodically digging out the roadside grips between Buckden and Starbotton to ensure proper drainage.

Indeed, in the vilest of weather on 25 November Gordon was to be seen clearing a drain a mile or so beyond Starbotton to release water from a particularly hazardous area of flooded road.

Such work was once done in the not-so-distant past by local authority lengthsmen. It now seems that road maintenance managers give no regard to the fundamental need to maintain good road drainage. All the more reason to applaud the community spirit of Gordon and Bev. Most of us in Buckden have cause to be truly grateful to them both.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Newman


From: Mr David Lusted                                                                                                27/08/09

Dear Ed,

Those hardy souls, the Buckden Walkers, not content with a regular programme of gentle strolls, have branched out into greater challenges, namely The Three Peaks.  Having sprinted up Whernside recently – and that was just the septuagenarians – they were sensible enough to postpone Ingleborough on Sunday, due to hurricane force winds and summer monsoon rains.  Undaunted, they hastily adjourned to the environs of Brimham Rocks.  Sadly, the Navigation Course proved lacking and no GCSE grade D’s could be awarded, however a Gold Star for enterprise and initiative went to the indomitable Kathy  of the Bishopdale Athletic Club, for encouraging us to participate in the new – to us – sport of Extreme Weightlifting.  Personally, I felt she started at a level a tad above reasonable expectations for the rest of us.  In fact ‘rest’ was what we needed in just marveling at her achievements.  No doubt the Social Committee will look long and hard at her pictorial (pectorial?) CV and I wonder if she would accept nomination to organise a Course for the coming year? 

Peter has agreed to lead us – if not in prayer then by foot – up Pen-y-Ghent on Sunday 18th October.  All levels of walking skills catered for, although slower members might like to carry a torch.  I hope to encourage Debbie to accept Ingleborough as ‘her’ walk on 20th September – having completed The Three Peaks recently in a little over 10 hours; incidentally, itself a new Buckden Record.



From: Mr Peter Breen                                                                                                04/08/09

Dear Sir

I should like to be amongst the first to congratulate John Cowpe and Eric Dennis for securing a
grant for improvements to the Village Hall. The Hall is playing an increasingly important role in
the life of the village and seems set to do so into the future and the grant will ensure that the
facilities can be used in comfort by the whole community. As a former professional fundraiser I
am well aware of the substantial amount of work involved in applying for and managing a lottery
grant and I am most grateful to John, Eric and all others concerned for taking on the task for the
benefit of the whole village.

Yours faithfully

Peter Breen
Rose Cottage


From: Mr Gordon Nowell                                                                                             15/05/09

Dear Sir

Re: "Three Dales" Ski Resort

I am at a loss to understand why nobody remembers that Buckden used to be a ski resort.

Recently I came across a photograph my sister took of me on one of our annual winter sports holidays here.

Perhaps this will jog people's memories.

Yours faithfully

Gordon Nowell


From: Mrs Anne Newman                                                                                            09.04.09

Re: Proposed ‘Three Dales’ Development

Dear Sir

At a meeting of the Craven District Community Responders’ Coordinators last night the proposal for the ‘Three Dales’ resort development was discussed. Obviously such a large increase in visitor numbers would put extra stress on the Ambulance Service and on Community Responders and there would be a need for further volunteers. There might be long delays in Ambulance response times because of the greatly increased road traffic. A local air ambulance would obviously be of benefit it could, perhaps be based next to the Lifeboat Station for combined coastal and mountain rescue. Volunteer pilots would be needed. It was proposed that suitably trained dogs, equipped with appropriately sized barrels of an invigorating liquid (Yorkshire Tea was mentioned) be recruited. In addition extra equipment would be needed, a provisional list includes: 50m red nylon rope; a bucket of sand; crampons and ice axes; snow shoes; a rubber sheet and an extending ladder. Extra training would also be envisaged on the difficulties of treating casualties in deep snow whilst carrying the necessary apparatus.

The Community Responders will therefore be looking for sponsorship for the extra equipment (and will be happy to wear logos if requested), for more volunteers and for suitable rescue dogs.

If you are able to help with any of these please contact me.

Yours faithfully

Anne Newman


From: Herr A. Nonymous                                                                                          09.04.09

Liebe Wharfedalers,

A massage in support of ze great idea to provide uplifts for Buckden in its quest to be the new ski center of the world.

Achtung! Kick not this great opportunity. To the glory of a New Age advance.

Come slide mit mir, let's slide down to the willage, crushing the willage folk on zer way. Spare not the pheasants - or zer peasants. Sharpen your skills and your skis. Together we can a New Order establish (Skiers first) that will stand for a 1000 years. Join me - and my Associates, Schmuszen und Graspen - and we shall overcome.

Ich bin piste off by those whose sight is short and vould try to stop us Super Troopers from achieving our destiny of "Ski today, ski tomorrow". Mein Gott, we shall never back look. We shall forward march, heads high held und eyes crossing to every chance seize for 'Ski Sunday' from Buckden come.

Nothing can us stop! With our superior intelligence and power of grammar ve vill their arguments defeat.

Mein eyes to the hills look and snow I see. It on our heads falls and ve vill blessed for ever be.

Gladys, join us. Let us off your cardie take. Throw up your tea. Trinken schnaps and change your toast for stollen.

Zer weak und timid vill slip und fall; ve shall by glide. We shall the Master Race enter - und ve shall vin!

mit freundlichen Gruessen

Wolfgang von Keitel auf Kumden
(aus Uber Keitelwell)


From Mrs Gladys Ingleton                                                                                04/04/09

Dear Sir

As a frequent visitor to the Dale I must say I had to have a sit down and a nice cup of tea after reading about the Ski Resort proposals.  In fact I got so hot under the collar I nearly took my cardie off but then I remembered it was still only the beginning of April and I have always lived by the rule you do not take your cardie off before the 1st May.   

But that’s by the by, what I always say is if the Good Lord had meant us to travel downhill at goodness knows what speed on two planks of wood with only a couple of sticks and an expensive pair of sunglasses to save ourselves from disaster, He would not have given us quad bikes and 4x4 Range Rovers would He?   

We should count our blessings and be thankful for the speed of light being as it is without worrying about such nonsense.  Just think, the speed of light is 186,282.397 miles per second which is probably too fast even for these young folk who think they are so clever “skiing” about at the drop of a hat, and frankly they deserve to drop their hat in my opinion, though I wouldn’t normally wish that on my worst enemy.  But suppose light only travelled at the speed of sound which is about one mile in five seconds (still too fast for the young folk I imagine).  It would take Corrie six minutes to reach us from Manchester!  Well I am sure we’d be prepared to wait but it would take the Bill twenty minutes to get here from London and what would we do for the fourteen minutes in between.  Well of course we could have a sit down and a nice cup of tea but what would happen at the end of the Bill if, say, that nice Mr Harry Gration was coming on from Leeds at 9pm.  Leeds is only one and a half minutes away at the speed of sound and we’d either have to miss the last twelve and a half minutes of the Bill or the first twelve and a half minutes of Harry.  Doesn’t bear thinking about does it? 

Anyway, I digress, the purpose of this letter is to put a word in for the lifeboat.  All this talk of skiing should not be allowed to take our minds off the need for the lifeboat.  I noticed the climate predictions for snow do not rule out the rise in sea level that originally made everyone aware of the need for a lifeboat and now the melting snow will threaten more floods than we have been used to.  Some say the melting ice at the end of the ice age actually helped to form the Dale (I think that is a bit far fetched myself we’ve had plenty of rain in recent years and the Dale is not turning into the Grand Canyon is it?).  But the melting snow still poses a threat and we may need that lifeboat. 

Well I’ve got that off my chest (if you’ll excuse the expression) and I’m going to have a sit down and a nice cup of tea while I try to stop worrying about things that may never happen.

Yours Truly

Gladys Ingleton (Mrs) (Retired).

(c/o Ivy Cottage, Buckden)


From Mr Richard Barlow                                                                          21/1/2009

Dear Sir,

Those who attended the Bring Something Simple event may recall that Ted brought a small tin object which opened to reveal two rotating sections operated by a handle on its side. Someone (I am sorry I have forgotten who) pointed out that the rotating parts seemed to have the capacity to hold razor blades. 

The tin had the words “Rosbart Tank” in German script on the outside.  I searched those words on Google and somewhat scanty information appeared but the search produced results for “rotary blade stroppers” so that confirms the object was indeed for sharpening razor blades.  It appears that some such objects have been sold through eBay in recent times though I was unable to find out how much they fetched. 

I doubt if Ted’s friend who lent him the object will become a millionaire should he wish to sell, although having met him I am not sure that sharp razor blades receive much use in his morning ablutions. 

Many objects brought to the event were not examined as we ran out of time and I will suggest that another similar event should be held later in the year.  Thanks to everyone who brought so many interesting objects.


Richard Barlow


From Mr Richard Barlow                                                                          11/1/2009

Dear Sir,

I am sure that everyone who attended the concert will agree that it was a most entertaining event and that they enjoyed the whole experience enormously.

Many people were involved in organising and rehearsing the various acts and pieces that were so professionally produced.  However, I am sure that all who took part will agree that Anne Vetch and John Cowpe deserve special mention as the driving force behind the artistic side of the event and that you deserve special mention as the technical wizard who made it all happen with flawless precision.  I doubt if many of the audience realise just how much time the choir put into preparing the show and thanks are due to every one of them for their dedication.  It is also good to see the children getting involved.  

The choir and the events produced by it have very quickly become a feature of village life and we hope it will long continue to be as successful as it now is.

The Village Hall has benefitted considerably financially as well and so our thanks are due to all concerned for that also. 


Richard Barlow


From Rev. David Lusted                                                                            21/12/2008

Dear Editor,

Was this latest missive from Mullions an example of 'dim' wit?   If not, it was not very enlightening.  Please ask for further illumination.

Surrogate Vicar (Buckden)


From Mr Terry Newman                                                                            15/12/2008

Dear Sir,


I take a dim view of Christmas lights.


Terry Newman


From Mr David Lusted                                                                             01/08/2008

Many thanks for the framed programme, signed by Buckden's very own J.C. and delivered with such care by Messer's Vetch & Carry (Combined Delivery & Securicor Services, Buckden). 

My first reaction on failing to tease a higher bid in the recent eBay Auction has, in hindsight, lead to a feeling of abject joy (or, mixed emotions).  To think, the lasting impression of Mr. 'Fingers' Cowpe now resides at No. 11 - and with initials of 'J.C.', what an inspiring pedigree it carries! 

It has been rumoured that the autographed programme will be placed on permanent display in the Village Institute, however, this is a difficult step to take.  How can I be parted from 'my' Fingers? 

An alternative solution springs to mind:  I'll place a genuine facsimile in the Hall.  Recognising the disappointment this might cause to his legions of admirers, I will make the original available for viewing By Appointment (no actual handling, of course).  Rest assured, Dear Legions, that it reposes safe and sound in the vaults of Lusted Towers. 

Further, should a similar occasion arise to possess a genuine 'J.C.', putting all thoughts of avarice aside, I promise not to enter another bid. 

A "Happy Yorkshire Day" to you all.    



From Mr David Lusted                                                                             22/07/2008

Dear Music Lovers

Fresh from another theatrical soiree  {curses, can't find 'e' acute} at Harrogate Theatre, to see a master class performance of "Dick Barton, Special Agent", I was reminded of one Mr. Giacomo Puccini. composer of  'Nessun Dorma' .Scholars now concur that it's true meaning translates as "Stress and Trauma" - only realised recently when sung with a thick Germanic accent .

Well, Teach, you must have gone through the pain threshold of much 'Stress and Trauma' yourself in melding the impressive ensemble to give of their best. If the Good Lord was having a 'night in' in his Church, he was blessed with marvellous entertainment.

Even before the belated start - belated for the best of all reasons, as the resident bouncers - Messer's PV and TB - struggled to allow the connoisseurs 'in' (and selected others 'out') - I was struck by the truly professional demeanour of the choir: their appearance was one of crispness, confidence and happiness.   Whether this had been influenced by the insertion of two fingers in the mouth of the Conductor as she tried to stretch her cheeks and grin at her choristers at the same time can only be a cause of conjecture.

Choice of the Vicar to start things off was inspirational, although I suppose he does come with the building.  His 'Pinocchio' was a most welcome guest and so the programme began.  "You raise me up" should become your very own theme tune and could not have been bettered; it 'set' the tone for the whole evening and I was not surprised that you chose it for your encore .

The whole of the first half - indeed the whole evenings' programme - was most ambitious with an excellent balance of 'hims' and 'hers', ancient and modern, demonstrating their undoubted skills.  If the choir continues to grow in its present manner, there will be no room for an audience and they will just have to perform for themselves.  Not only would that be a great shame and loss for us non participants, but it would be extremely selfish of them.. They must guard against this at all costs; personally, I have great faith in their leader, Miss Whiplash de Vetch.

How lovely to hear a flute being introduced into the occasion - well played, Debbie; more, please - and the other new instrumental, the guitar excellently strummed by Peter - another 'must' for future productions. 

So what did we have?  A well balanced concert in terms of content, very appropriately divided by the intermission; a concert that allowed a wide opportunity to focus on individual artistes {one should not really single out any one soloist, for they were all excellent, but how I wanted to utter a (muted) cheer for  Mr. Wilf Jowsey ~ and sensed many present felt the same} .

It was most noticeable that the Male section of the choir had been much strengthened since Christmas; well done, the lads - albeit that some hold bus passes!  Just a thought for the future, could they consider forming a Barber Shop Quartet?

It was particularly ingenious to introduce 'audience participation' in Item Six: 'Ode to Joy' - and what a pleasure to both hear and understand the words, so often mutilated at the commencement of mere football matches!  Perhaps such active inclusions could become a regular feature; I overheard several comments along those lines both at the Interval and later.  I do, however, realise this type of inclusion is more appropriate to the Christmas format.

All in all, '11 out of 10'.  Loved it - and so did all behind Teach's back; any who didn't will have to answer to Messrs PV and TB in due course.

It was a team effort and all played their part.  The whole enterprise would not have come about without the drive and dedication of 'The Few'; they - and we - know who they are, so 'thank you' Anne, Josie, John, Peter and Tim for a memorable night.  As a community, we owe you a lot.

D. L.

TDMA  {Tone deaf music aficionado -  and no threat to Wilf … or any other talented chorister}


From Mr Terry Newman                                                               23/03/08

Dear Sir,


It is surprising that Steve Hounsham (letters 7 March) should have been left for so long without a reply to his question. Personally I have a good excuse. Much of my time is now taken up with my new hobby of collecting coloured wheelie-bins.

The history of Our Lady of Buckden is a valuable piece of scholarship on the part of Mr Hounsham. I believe also that Lady Crompton-Stansfield may have had a distinguished nephew, Dennis Crompton, who played both cricket and football for England. However, I would take issue with Mr Hounsham’s reference to our High Street as the Coal Bunker.

The by-road to the rear of Buckden House was indeed once Buckden High Street. Clearly it is less busy since the construction of the Buckden by-pass that now separates Bradford Without from the Vegetable Patch, aka Buckden Newtown. Attempts to regenerate Middle Buckden in recent years have failed, most recently with the rejected bid for a super casino. Hopefully the proposed application for a chairlift and associated engine house for the painless ascent of Buckden Pike will meet with more success. The business development prospects with hot dog franchises en route to the Pike should swing things this time.

As to the crucial question of renewing the title ‘Our Lady’ I would suggest that one of the ballet dancers would be quite unsuitable, unless of course she had been ‘Our Bearded Lady’ Anyway, we’ve already got a sheriff!


Terry Newman


From Bill & Mary                                                                          15/03/08

As regular visitors to the Buckden website and, indeed, to Buckden itself we have been intrigued by the competitive attitude displayed by the Buckden residents with regard to the wonderful display of Christmas lights.  We do, however feel that visitors have been excluded from this competition as the category for visitors has , inadvertently we feel sure,  been overlooked.  Last Christmas our lights at Keld Close Barn were admired, we know, by the carol singers who hopefully, paid us a visit on Christmas Eve (they weren't to know that we were indulging in the hospitality of the eventual winners of the competition!)  This Christmas we will be resident at Mill Cottage and, pensions permitting, we will do our best to adorn same with seasonal illumination.  Hoping that you will be able to include a visitors' slot.

 Mary, Bill, Jazz and Sam. 

[ This suggestion has been passed on to the Chairman of the Buckden Christmas Lights Strategy Committee for consideration at this year's AGM - Ed ]


From Steve Hounsham, West Winds, Upper Buckden                    07/03/08

I am arriving late to the debate about Upper, Middle and Lower Buckden, I know, but I
think I may have a solution to the current social conflict in the village.

I realise that some villagers feel blighted by where they live. Speaking as a resident of
Upper Buckden – or Higher Buckden as we instruct our customers to call it – I
nonetheless feel it is a shame the village is dividing into enclaves .

Recently, while doing some research into village history for information boards in the
tearooms, the answer to the problem of social stigma caused by location came to me.
And it also opens up opportunities for a return to firm local government in Buckden.

We’ve all heard of Lady Elizabeth Crompton-Stansfield. She was Buckden’s last Lady
of the Manor and lived in Buckden House in the 1920s and 30s. She had a reputation
for being fair but firm. In fact, she ruled the village with something of an iron fist. Many
of her staff were frightened of her and discipline in the village was exemplary. As in
any society built on fear, Buckden was clearly better for it. Lady Elizabeth owned most
of the village, controlling how different parts of it were used. For example, the current
site of Dalegarth was her kitchen garden and Buckden Court her stables.

Therefore, what better way to draw boundaries in the village than based on Our Lady’s
own geography, instead of the rather unkind labels that have now come into use? In
this way we could put a stop to Upper Buckdenites looking down on Middle
Buckdenites, and Middle Buckdenites knocking back Lower Buckdenites. Everything
would be fair.

Of course, we cannot be sure where everything was located in Lady Elizabeth’s day,
but we can make reasonable assumptions based on what we know about that period
and Our Lady herself. I would like to propose the following demarcation, which would
respect sensitivities about upper, middle and lower:

* Buckden Court to become known as the Stables
* Dalegarth to become known as the Vegetable Patch
* The back lanes to the rear of Buckden House to become known as the Coal Bunker
* The area now disparagingly referred to as Lower Buckden to become known as the Tradesmen’s Privy
* The cottages set apart on the wrong side of the main road, down towards the river, to become known as the Punishment Sheds
* The pretty core of the village up behind the Buck, including West Winds, to become known as the Summer Gardens

That will do for a start. Other areas, or individual buildings, can now take their name
from other facilities suspected to be part of the old estate, such as the Servants’
Quarters, the Slaughter House, the Asylum and Our Lady’s Rifle Range.

Surely everyone is happy now?

One further move could restore peace in the village once and for all. Reinstate the
position of Lady of the Manor! Elections could be held once a year for the post, which
could be open to all, men or women. ‘Our Lady’ would be given sweeping
administrative, judicial and ceremonial powers. One only has to look at Starbotton to
see how firm leadership from the Lady of the Manor there has produced a strong
village community based on the principles of respect and doing as you are told.

No doubt there would be many contenders for the job but it seems fitting that the
inaugural new Buckden Lady of the Manor should be one of the ballet dancers from
the Christmas show. Would others agree?


From Mr Phil. Borman                         30/10/07                  

Hi There,

 Have just found the Buckden website and found it very interesting as my Aunt and Uncle lived there for several years. 

The old photos of personalities at Buckden are wrongly captioned. The photo of 'Dickson Dakin & Mrs Glover' are in fact my Aunt and Uncle, Harold and Bertha Gibbons. ! (now corrected - Ed) I have the original photo in their album which I have here in Grimsby. 

Harold was Caretaker/Gardener for Buckden House when it was a Methodist Guild Holiday Home. He was also a Methodist Local Preacher and went round the area preaching. He drove a van that picked up folk for the Holiday Home most weekends. 

My Wife and I spent many a holiday there in the '50s and '60s ,also spending two unique holidays in a "Wooden Hut" in the middle of the wood on Birks Fell, overlooking Hubberholme. I have some 8mm cine film covering these events. 

I see that Uncle Harold's Kitchen Garden now is up to date holiday homes. 

We have not been that way for several years now, so it is nice to see what is going on in an area that you knew and loved. 


Phil. Borman.


From Mr David Lusted                                28/10/07

The Buckden concert on Saturday carried more anxiety than I cared for.  The audience were wonderful in their understanding reaction to the news that Grandfatherhood was extremely imminent - in fatc, more so than I could have imagined!   My daughter-in-law entered hospital around the start of act 3 (1st half) i.e. 8 pm and was delivered of a 7lb 4oz son about the end of my 'turn'!  Quick work.  Mother, father, son - still known as 'Bump' - and Grandparents all thrilled, proud, relieved and doing well. 

I do not regard this as the setting of a precedent; the pressure of such an implication is too much to contemplate. 

But a sincere 'thank you' to all, both on the night and since, for all the good wishes so generously given to Sue and I. 

The picture shows Roz (age a secret), Edward (16 months) and 'Bump' - 15 hours! 



From Mr Lucas van der Drift                        07/08/2007

Dear Sir,

Holland is a busy and crowded place. Pretty flat, too. In July 2005, my family (wife, two daughters) and I spent two weeks in Buckden, in Dalegarth Cottage 1. Last year, I took my father (73) to Buckden. This summer, my family and I came back again. Susan and David Lusted are excellent hosts. One day in Buckden and we feel totally relaxed and at home. Your countryside is pretty amazing and offers us - keen walkers - everything we want.

I understand that the community spirit in Buckden is great. If you ever need someone to teach you - all villagers - the finer aspects of the Dutch language, let me know. We will emigrate immediately.

Lucas van der Drift,
The Netherlands


From Mr Richard Barlow                        03/08/2007

Dear Sir

Natur(ist) Notes.

On a recent and all too rare warm evening I was inveigled, by my nephew who has been visiting, into a late night dip in the Beck (don't worry fellow residents we went well out of sight). That would have been one for the paparazzi of Buckden Aloha! and certainly a photo of a resident as you have never seen him before (I hope - and I do promise to get some bedroom curtains one day).

The purpose of my letter is not a warning or a promise of repeat performances of the escapade. After all as the REM song tells us night swimming deserves a quiet night and September is coming soon.

No, the purpose of the letter is to say that glow worms were still shining in the Ghyll which is something worth seeing as there are not too many places where they can be found and it was quite late in the year to see them. By the way, has anyone seen any hummingbird hawk moths
this year? They have been here several years running lately but I haven't seen one yet this year.

"Aloha!" is an interesting addition to the web site but to avoid confusion with a more intellectual publication with a similar name (only the punctuation is different) why not call it "Nar then!". Is there room for a rival "All Reet" magazine or would that be too much of a good thing.

Richard Barlow


From Mr David Lusted                        01/08/2007

Dear Editor and other friends,

Firstly, a sincere 'thank you' from Sue and I for your good wishes on our recent 40th wedding anniversary. An amazing surprise! For those not familiar with the fact, July 15th is St. Swithin's Day; it rained - just as it did back in 1967, so no change there.

With the end of summer in sight, could I draw your attention to some of the Old Favourites which traditionally draw you out into the gathering gloom. Whist is back for its umpteenth season, starting with an Introductory Night on September 19th. Complimentary drinks, nibbles and no entry fee! We welcome especially any newcomers to the game, although I hope as many 'regulars' as possible can turn up that night to give assistance, encouragement and reassurance.

A word or two to all fellow (aspiring) Master Minds - it's back! The first Sunday Quiz night of the season will be held on September 9th. Thereafter it will be on the first Sunday of each month. Remember to bring a bottle and a small contribution to the Jacob Join. There are a clutch of hot favourites to carry the day, but I've spotted Buckden's very own 'J. C'. scanning books for hour after hour on his back porch. It is rumoured that Josie has been plying him fish every other day.

Details of the next expedition with the Buckden Walkers are on both the Village and Institute notice boards and this site. 'Paul the weatherman' gave an encouraging forecast for next Monday so polish your boots and join us - lunch is planned to be taken at the Blue Bell.

Karen, a regular to both Dalegarth and this site, has sent me a conundrum. Try it for yourself:
How smart is Your Right Foot?
Just try this. It is from an orthopaedic surgeon ........ (no knives involved) - (I'm assured) This will boggle your mind and you will keep trying over and over again to see if you can outsmart your foot, but - you can't.
It's pre-programmed in your brain!
1. Without anyone watching you and while sitting in front of your computer, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.
2. Now, while doing this, draw the number '6' in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction.
I told you so!! Or, at least, Karen told me ... so blame her. On the other hand, if you succeed, let me know and I'll shorten your odds for Quiz night!

A final word is for Peter V. ........ 'Brilliant'. The web site gets better and better. Many of our Guests tell us they are regular readers. Several
have expressed their admiration for the foresight shown in preparing for global warming, whilst others wondered when an 'audio' facility could be added to enhance reports on the choir practice. (I'm on the case - Ed.)


Dalegarth & The Ghyll Holiday Cottages
Tel. +44 (0) 1756 760 877


From Ms Karen Jones                        13/06/2007

Dear Sir,
Please see below a photo of my Dad, Tom Jones, with Mr Ted Salmon and Zac at Buckden Bridge during our holiday in May 2007.
Having read about Mr Salmon on the website, our hosts and dear friends at Dalegarth, David and Susan Lusted, introduced us to him at the Quiz evening in May, which we enjoyed very much.
Best wishes and congratulations on the website- long may it continue!
Karen and Tom Jones.


Mr Tom Jones (the original) aged 91, a regular visitor to Buckden was privileged to meet Mr Ted Salmon ( one of the stars of the Buckden website) and his trusty dog, Zac during a recent stay in Buckden. They admired the "green green grass of home"- Upper Wharfedale, whilst declaring "It's not unusual" to see the valley looking so beautiful.



From Mr. David Lusted                        05/03/2007

A Miscellany of Matters: (Wilf, take note)

A tasty Quiz Night resulted in the near unanimous vote to extend the 'Jacob's Join' theme of these evenings for the foreseeable future. Yum, yum.

The generous support for these nights has resulted - to date - in donations to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance totalling just over £650. Brilliant.

But, saving arguably the best to last, I'm confident that much anticipated news will shortly be confirmed with the announcement that Ted has won a place in the nation's 2012 Olympic bid. The actual athletic event has yet to be decided; originally it was felt that 100m was his best hope. Progress is being monitored. His attitude that 'the sky's the limit' made Assessors think that he was aiming for the High Jump. Now, even thoughts of the Decathlon beckon. Undercover observers have seen him excel at Synchronised Aerobics (under Rosemary Connolly, with commendable encouragement from Margaret), Darts, Pool and Dominoes. Six activities mastered; only four more to go. Where might his talents lead? There was a rumour concerning Tractor Tipping, but that has yet to be confirmed.

And, alongside Ted's personal successes, must not be overlooked the distinct possibility that one or more of 'Ted's Babes' could yet join him in Olympian aspirations. Mr. Motivator could do the same for You. Just see the 'before' and 'after' proof - stunning evidence photographed at a secret training session (in the Village Hall on Tuesdays at 6 pm, entrance 50p - all welcome). The camera never lies!

D. L.

Member of Ted's Tuesday Youth Academy (aged 67)


From Mr. Terry  Newman                     28/02/2007

Dear Sir,


We would surely all wish to give BRATS exactly what they deserve (Karen & Tom Jones, 18 Feb) but the definitive map of Buckden district boundaries cannot be completed prior to the resolution of some minor border disputes, notably the apparent claim of Buckden New Town, aka Dalegarth, to be a part of Middle Buckden (Mr David Lusted, 18 Jan).

For the record, Middle Buckden is that area accessed and solely accessed by road using the old High Street. Thus its urban boundaries are defined by the east wall of the district of Bradford Without and by the junctions of the High Street with the B6160 to the south and with the access road to the Buck Inn to the north.

Regrettably there is a vociferous campaign in Middle Buckden for independence from the Union of Buckden Districts, while remaining loyal to the Crown. It is argued that a strong economy would result from the proceeds of the council tax currently extorted by Craven DC and also from the introduction of traffic congestion charges for the High Street (quad bikes exempt). The precedent advanced is that of Bradford Without which already has de facto self-rule and a watchtower at its north gate to control border crossings.

Sadly then although passports are not required at present there is a prospect of future 2-hour delays for security checks when entering Middle Buckden. Asylum seekers will be swiftly disabused of the notion that Middle Buckden is one large mental asylum.

Thankfully these radical plans for Middle Buckden are likely to founder on the unavailability of Mr Ted Salmon to administer the border control system. It is understood that he is currently occupied in presenting a season of Rosemary Clooney videos at the Institute on Tuesday nights for the benefit of Buckden’s 2012 Olympics hopefuls.


Terry Newman


From Karen & Tom Jones                    18/02/2007

As regular visitors to your website, may we say how entertaining, amusing and informative it is and well done to all concerned.
We are fortunate and privileged to be members of "BRATS" (Buckden Residents, Albeit Temporary Stayers!) and spend wonderful holidays in your village. Great news that the Buck is back and days of "passing the Buck" are over!
We too, seek clarification about the boundaries of Upper, Middle and Lower Buckden....is a map defining this to be published for members of "BRATS"?


Will a passport or visa be required to venture, for example, between The Ghyll and Dalegarth? Will the legendary Mr Ted Salmon need to authorise such documents together with a paw print from his noble assistant Zac?
We look forward to our next visit from Middle England to Buckden- Upper, Middle and Lower and, of course- The Buck!!!
Karen and Tom Jones


From Carolyn Quillfeldt                        28/01/2007

I have been visiting Buckden as a "tourist" since 1970 when Dr. and Mrs. Charley  invited myself and two student friends to stay with them at Wayside.  I have been coming regularly ever since and have introduced a boyfriend or two, all my brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, and others.  We have been using the Buck as a communal lounge and  watering hole since the time when the it had  Public and  Lounge bars, a darts board  and wasn't even a hotel,   Never in all that time (to my knowledge) has the Buck been closed to the public until December 2006. We were horrified when we arrived for Christmas - all 22 of our family group, two from Singapore, five from Brazil.   News of the new landlords has cheered us up no end and I for one can't wait to get back up North (being a southern softie, ignorant of the details of the various suburbs of Buckden ) to drink, relax and catch up on the latest local news in a welcoming Buck.  

Good luck to Julie, Peter and Alf
Looking forward to meeting you
Carolyn Quillfeldt


From Mr. Terry  Newman                     24/01/2007

Dear Sir, 


The phrase ‘passing the buck’ has been attributed to the men of Upper Buckden. It originates from the claim “I was just passing the Buck”; meaning of course, “I was delayed on my way home”. Modern usage has corrupted the earlier sense to emphasize the laying of responsibility upon others. Mr Chalky Whyte (22 January) has done just this. 

The definitive map showing the various sectors of the village of Buckden is currently out of print but clearly the terms Lower, Middle and Upper Buckden apply only to the village as defined by the highway signs and not to the Parish as a whole. The behavioural characteristics of the village people are perhaps sufficiently revealing to allow us to forego the geographical details at this stage. 

Lower Buckden (renamed from Bottom Buckden in Victorian times in order not to offend sensibilities) never fully recovered from its disappointment when the iron horse did not arrive in the village after the stable had already been built. In the absence of promised prosperity, the monetary unit in Lower Buckden remained the moleskin until recently when there was conversion to pounds sterling. Mains electricity came late to Buckden as a whole but the people of Lower Buckden remain touchingly in awe of the experience and remain naively entranced by the electric light bulb, which they worship at Christmas. 

Upper Buckden, lying to the north of Buckden Beck, represents the trade and industry sector of the village and was once the home of all three of the village pubs. It has been said that the streets of Upper Buckden were paved with gold but to judge from the potholes this resource has now been fully mined. The psychological burdens of excess of wealth and of alcohol have engendered a perception in both Lower and Middle Buckden of eccentricity in the people of Upper Buckden. This has been reinforced by reliable reports of them hurling themselves from a great height into Buckden Beck. 

In contrast the people of Middle Buckden are generally impoverished but sane. The evidence of this is that they cannot be relied upon to buy a round when ‘passing the Buck’. They are all however, fair of face, intelligent and modest. 

Finally, I regret to advise Mrs Jane Way (20 January) that Long Barn House is not at an elevation to qualify as Higher Buckden and is too remote from the stable of the iron horse to be in Lower Buckden. She lives of course in Far Buckden, as do several other worthies. I’m thinking of retiring there myself to disentangle myself from any outcry following this contribution. 


Terry Newman


From Mr. Chalky Whyte                        22/01/2007

Dear Sir

May I congratulate "The Villagers" for an excellent turn out on Sunday 19th Jan to support the New Proprietors at The Buck Inn. It's great to see a community spirit once again restored to our village and "My Favourite Inn" being taken out of a very dark period. It was as if someone had switched a light on.

Which leads me to my next question.

During the evening many of Buckden's residents (who wish to remain anonymous) asked me if I could define LOWER,  MIDDLE & UPPER BUCKDEN.

I could not.

After numerous searches at www.landregistry.gov.uk once again I was left in the dark.

So to avoid any further misunderstandings, could someone shed some light on this matter so that during any future inter village activities or events we would know which "villagers" were representing which part of Buckden.

As Chairman of BURP I wish them Julie, Peter & Alf every success for the future

Chalky Whyte


From Mrs Jane Way                                 20/01/2007

Dear Sir  

As newcomers to the village Bernard and I are intrigued by all this talk about Upper, Middle and Bottom Buckden as we have been unable to ascertain the extent of these localities.  

We would have imagined that residents further up the Dale in the Parish of Buckden would be in Upper Buckden for instance, but then, I am sure we still have a lot to learn.  

Is anyone able to throw any light on this matter for us?    

Yours somewhat puzzled,  

Jane Way

Long Barn House


From Mr Terry Newman                                 19/01/2007

Shame on your correspondent (David Lusted, 18 January) for his celebration of the coming alive of Middle Buckden while simultaneously wishing to lay Ted to rest. I say, “Long live Ted!”


From Mr David Lusted                                    18/01/2007

Opening Night at The Buck:

Whether or not our new hosts, Julie, Peter and Alf, regarded themselves as the answer to anyone's prayer, they certainly answered mine! They were most welcoming tonight and I'm delighted to think that we, as a village, have our pub back - and in good hands - once more. I wish them every success.

Sue & I, a trim Tim and young Peter V. enjoyed a happy hour at the bar - let's hope it's the start of a wider village trend.

A bonus is that we can lay Ted to rest. What rumours he has spawned! Take the one about threatening "to punch Gordon's lights out." Hopefully a rumour is all it was - but then we're talking of Lower Buckden! Today, Middle Buckden has come alive. Hooray.

Yours, in anticipation

David Lusted
Middle Buckden


From another anonymous resident (name and address supplied!)                        14/01/2007

Dear Sir,  

Re your article on the Buckden 2006 Xmas lights competition. 

Congratulations to Mr Salmon and Zac in their latest achievement. Not many people are aware that Mr Salmon is no stranger to success.  

During the summer of 2006 Sheriff Salmon (not a lot of people know that either), whilst conducting covert duties after reports of people enjoying themselves amidst Middle Back Buckden, stumbled across the previously unknown Secret Hopscotch Society annual competition. After confirming that play was fair, in accordance with statutory rules and that the ‘Chalky Whyte’ marks were easily removable the tournament was allowed to continue.

SS (Sheriff Salmon) in his official capacity took charge of proceedings and consequently won all categories out right making him supreme champion 2006.  

It was at this event that the unfortunate incident of a player falling into the beck occurred due to lack of lighting,  prompting later discussion that the tournament could be moved to Lower Buckden and held in future during the well illuminated Xmas period.  

Sheriff Salmon sustained minor injuries.    

The incident prompted the Buckden Lifebelt appeal being launched.

In memory of The Sheriff’s courageous rescue we (Middle Back Buckden) suggest the lifebelt be named SS Salmon.




From an anonymous resident (name and address supplied!)                        13/01/2007

Dear Sir,

I wish to complain about the high handed manner in which the Buckden Christmas Light Competition was managed. I am a resident of Upper Buckden with close friends in Bottom Buckden and we were not aware of the judgement date.

We trust that next year more information will be available so those concerned with maintaining the quality of life in areas other than Lower Buckden can make proper preparations.

I remain

Yours faithfully

Disgusted - Buckden


From Mr. Chalky Whyte                        11/01/2007

Dear Sir,

As elected Chairman of BURP (Buckden Upper Residents Party) I feel I have to comment on the article that is displayed on your website "STOP PRESS Christmas Lights Contest Result"

So the gauntlet has been thrown down by the current holder of Best Christmas Lights in Buckden 2006 Congratulations to Mr Salmon (Salmo Salar Sebago) on winning this prestigious award and his very kind gesture of donating the monies toward the Buckden Life Belt Appeal. (What happened to the whisky?) Mr Salmon is clearly following in the tradition of people who live in Buckden Barn during the festive period by blinding people as they come into our wonderful village for 4 weeks of the year.

Was this not the same practice by previous Buckden resident Jim Monkfish (Lophius Piscatorius).

Being a resident of Upper Buckden and a keen environmentalist, I would like to bring to Mr Salmon's attention the seriousness of Light Pollution that his lights bring to the residents of Lower Buckden during the month of December (More details can be found on www.darksky.org) and if he carries on he could well and truly be known by this time next year as Mr Ted "Smoked" Salmon (Nicotinis Salmo Salar).

If I could make a suggestion to the residents of Lower, Middle and Upper Buckden that they either protect their eyesight on the approach into the village from the South or they could buy their Christmas bulbs from the same retailer as a former Professor/Doctor/Lord who claimed a stake on our once proud Inn to elevate further global warming and protecting our wonderful world from more harm.

So bring on Christmas 2007 and let battle commence and I look forward to unfolding the banner for the 2007 Buckden Lights Winner in Upper Buckden 

Chairman BURP


From Mrs Janey Giles                         11/01/2007

Following the recent media interest in the winner of the 2006 Buckden Best Christmas Lights Winner featuring Ted Salmon and his technical assistant Zac, the RSPCA have subsequently been to Buckden to interview Zac.
It was thanks to Zac's technical wizardry that Ted's lights outshone the rest of Buckden, as a result Zac has been awarded a collar of distinction from the RSPCA. The splendid yellow collar features red flashing LEDs reminiscent of the fantastic light display. Zac can be seen sporting his magnificent prize during twilight hours in and around Buckden and the riverbank!


From Mr Terry Newman                        10/01/2007


At the January meeting of the Middle Buckden Resident’s Association dismay was expressed about the increasing tensions between the good folk of Lower and Upper Buckden, as evidenced by the trading of insults over Christmas lights. It was agreed that these people should be reminded that it was Middle Buckden that held the village together.

The Chairperson confirmed that domestic decorative lighting was indeed classified as a statutory nuisance under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 and that clarification was also being sought as to whether Messrs Salmon and Kilvington were operating in accordance with EU Emissions Trading Directive. There was, however, no truth in the rumour that many of the thousands of visitors to the Lower Buckden display had subsequently suffered radiation sickness.

Mr Salmon did receive the thanks of the meeting in anticipation of his donation of £25 towards the Buckden Lifeboat Appeal (not, as previously reported, ‘life belt’) for which a further £24975 is still required.

However, there were high hopes for a successful outcome from the Whist Drive planned for March.

The meeting closed on a sombre note as the Chairperson promised to send condolences to the family of the unfortunate soul pictured on the village web site floundering in Buckden Beck, and to ask the local Council to remove all residual body parts as a matter of urgency.


From Mr John Cowpe                            9/01/2007

Dear Editor,

We were most interested to read your recent web article about the ‘06 Xmas lights. Whilst we were [and still are] blissfully unaware of the judging criteria for the competition, which presumably will be set out in timely advance of the next Festive season, we nevertheless congratulate the winner and runner–up on their achievement.

We wonder whether next year’s competition might have an additional prize – that of best lights in the "understated elegance" category?  

An Upper Buckden Resident.

[PS We prefer brandy to whisky].