The present trust deed was drawn up in 1976 and declares the hall to be “for the use of the inhabitants of the Parish of Buckden without distinction of political, religious or other opinions including use for meetings, lectures and classes and for other forms of recreation and leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants”.  The hall is a charity run by a committee elected at a general meeting held in March every year at which all residents can vote.  Nomination of committee members by the Church of England, the Methodist Church, the Youth Club and the Social Club were allowed under the trust deed but that method of appointment has fallen into disuse and all the members are now elected.

Currently, the main activities are whist drives, quizzes, concerts, social or games evenings and an annual art show.  The hall is also the base for Buckden Singers who operate under the umbrella of the Institute. Other activities are arranged as and when anyone has a good idea and ideas are always welcome.  The hall can be hired for a modest sum for appropriate events including private parties and receptions (see below for booking arrangements).  Facilities include a kitchen suitable for the preparation of cold food and hot drinks, toilets and washing facilities and there is access for the disabled.

The hall is self financing and its main source of income is the annual Gala as well as Buckden Singers concerts and hall booking fees.

The hall provides one of the main meeting places for members of the community and visitors to the Dale and residents of nearby villages are always welcome at events held in the hall.  It always has served this purpose and in years gone by part of the hall was used as a reading room where newspapers were read by anyone wanting to come in and catch up with the news.  No doubt news of the Russian Revolution and the Wall Street Crash must have seemed very distant in those days though events like the Yellow River Floods and the Kansas Dust Bowl may have seemed more understandable to a rural community with less contact to the outside World than we now take for granted.  Sadly news of casualties from the two World Wars would have been all too real. 

Buckden is a harmonious community which prides itself on making everyone feel at home in the community without pressuring anyone to join in more than they wish.  We hope to see you in the hall whenever you feel like coming and we guarantee a friendly and warm welcome.

The Institute

Buckden Village Institute, which is also known as the Township Hall 
in older documents, dates back to 1912.  The foundation stone was 
laid on 20 June 1912 and the hall was officially opened on 27 
September 1912 and celebrates its Centenary in 2012.


  Availability and Bookings




































The hall is available for bookings:


Commercial & Public Bodies and Non-Local Hire: £12.50 per hour, minimum two hours.

Local Residents and Organisations: £7.50 per hour, minimum two hours.

For bookings of more than eight hours, additional hours will be charged at half of the standard rate

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