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A number of people have asked how to access some of the news items and features which they particularly enjoyed from the website. This page contains links to some of most frequently requested items, so at last there is a real alternative to watching repeats of Morecambe & Wise over Christmas - you can read recycled nonsense from the Buckden website instead! A permanent link to this page will be found in the Contents list left, under the heading "The Best Bits"


The Lifebelt Appeal: The lifebelt appeal had its origin in an unfortunate incident when a villager inadvertently fell into the beck. Ted generously donated the prize money from the first Christmas Lights competition to start the appeal. The items below tell the story....

Stop Press - 2006 Christmas Lights Contest results - click here for details

Lifebelt Appeal - image of the Beck incident - click here

Lifebelt Appeal - Click here for details of dramatic developments developments in the appeal

Buckden Lifebelt Appeal - Latest News - Click here for pictures of Bev modelling his new buoyancy aid.



The Ski Resort proposals: The Ski Resort proposals first surfaced on 1st April 2009 and generated much local interest, as well as a number of letters to the site. Follow the story below.....

EXCLUSIVE - Upper Wharfedale development plan - An extraordinary document has been sent to us by a well-wisher in the Austrian green movement. It appears that, in the light of future climate change predictions, there is a secret plan to develop Buckden and the surrounding area into an up-market Alpine-style ski resort. Click here to read the proposal. If you wish to join the protest against the development, email: say-no-to-skiers@buckden.org

Secret Ski Proposals – Latest – The report this week on the Ski Resort proposal has generated much interest and correspondence. Several villagers have written in support of the proposal – one claims even to have thought of the idea before, whilst another is planning to convert their premises into an über-cool après-ski tea-room. On the other hand, Mrs Gladys Ingleton has written to protest – I think. Click here to read her radical if somewhat tangential views.

Meanwhile, it appears that all is not well in the developers’ camp – to read the fascinating if somewhat ill-tempered email exchange which has been forwarded to us by our green Austrian friend - click here

Buckden featured on BBC Radio 2 - Jeremy Vine Show - In a feature on Climate Change on yesterday's Jeremy Vine show the Buckden "Three Dales" ski resort proposal was mentioned. Click here to listen to this short clip from the show.



Talking Sheep - Following Chris Akriggs fascinating talk in the Institute, he provided a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to "all you wanted to know about sheep farming but were afraid to ask". Click here to view and download



China bans Buckden dancers - Report from "Aloha" about the YouTube ban imposed following the Buckden Christmas Show in 2007: Click here


The Beast of Buckden Dramatic pictures - click here for details. Another sighting of the Buckden Beast near Linton. Click here for the exclusive pics


John Cowpe - International Celebrity & Cultural Icon Who can forget John Cowpe's performance as "Organist" in the ITV1 remake of Wuthering Heights (er... don't answer  that - Ed.) At the height of Cowpe mania copies of Buckden Singers programmes autographed by John were changing hands on eBay for silly money. Follow the story below....

Exclusive interview with Buckden Celebrity - www.buckden.org's special correspondent managed to get an exclusive interview with international star of stage & screen, John Coop. John reveals for the 39th time the secrets of filming Wuthering Heights in Arncliffe. Click here to read

Local celebrity autograph - for sale on eBay. Click here to view the auction and make your bid

eBay Auction Result - The John Cowpe autographed programme was finally sold for a spectacular £5.66 following a frenzy of bidding - well, alright - 10!. The lucky purchaser was a Mr D. Lusted of Dalegarth, who commented excitedly "Oh! I was hoping someone else would bid more". The seller, noted Buckden philographer Gordon Kivington, said "I'm stunned - I thought £1.37 was the absolute ceiling for a Cowpe". There are unconfirmed reports that the autographed programme is to be framed and put on permanent display in the Institute for the benefit of future generations.

TV cameras come to Buckden - The BBC will be filming in Buckden on the evening of the 12th March for a programme to be broadcast during April. Rumours abound regarding the focus of the programme - some say that Ted Salmon, the well known tractor aficionado, Christmas Lights supremo and inshore lifeboat coxswain may be interviewed, while a local publican thinks they may be investigating a missing duvet, log-rustling and lager and lime scandal. All we know is that villagers concerned about appearing on camera should contact local film star John Cowpe who can offer hints and tips on making a dynamic on-screen impact.

Wuthering Heights - The media pack for the production of Wuthering Heights which was broadcast on August Bank Holiday weekend and starred Buckden based silver screen icon, John Cowpe. Click here to read all about the production and its stars, including an exclusive interview with the Maestro himself.

Wuthering Heights - at last! The eagerly awaited showing of Wuthering Heights, starring Buckden resident John Cowpe, was broadcast on Bank Holiday Sunday, 30th August. John's character, "Church Organist", plays a key role in revealing Heathcliff's essential nature, reflecting the subjective/objective duality that haunts all transitional phenomena and suggesting both Heathcliff's "external" personification of tormenting trickster and his "internal" representation of psychological development - apparently!




Buckden Wheelers

Buckden Wheelers launched – Gordon Kilvington has decided to form a cycling club in Buckden. The club, which is to be known as Buckden Wheelers, is intended to get us all back on our bikes, get us fit, and ultimately get us to that Mecca of the cycling world – Burnsall Café. For more details - click here

Buckden Wheelers - Update The membership secretary is snowed under processing the rush of applications already received. In the meantime, if you interested in joining the Wheelers but don't have a bike of your own, do not despair. Send Gordon your application, indicating that you don't have a bike - and it may be possible to sort you out with a loan bike from the Wheelers extensive fleet.


Buckden on Britain's Got Talent  - An email which Anne received relating to the recent appearance of Buckden Singers on BBC . Click here to read


Buckden Singers - 40 part Mass Following a number of successful performances, Anne decided that the choir should set its sights on a more ambitious programme - this letter form 1st April 2011 to the choir proposing they should perform Alessandro Striggio’s “Missa Sopra Ecco si beato giorno" in 40 parts. . Click here to read all about it.


Night-swimming in Buckden Beck Night swimming exploits in the beck. Click here for details


Aloha! Magazine  It was pointed out by m'learned friends that there might have been some confusion between www.buckden.org's "H***O! magazine feature and another celebrity magazine with a similar title and graphic design - an eventuality which struck me as being distinctly implausible. Any similarity was, of course, entirely coincidental; however to eliminate any possibility of such confusion arising, the H***O! feature was renamed "ALOHA!" and our trademark red colour scheme was replaced by royal blue. Regular readers were reassured to hear that the copy was the same old nonsense as usual. For issue 1 Click here  For issue 3 Click here


.....and then there are the vids - To go to to the YouTube channel where you can view the Ramblers, Buckden Singers, Buckden Players, scenes from the Gala, The Muckspreader Song and loads more - click here